Timely Justice to Slip and Fall Victims with Long Island Personal Injury Lawyers

The criticality of slip and fall injuries can be understood when you take a look at the statistical data at the center for disease control and prevention. Fractured bones, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, disability and even death cases have been reported among various age groups. People in the age group of 60+ seem to be the most likely victims. While probing the probable causes of such incidents the researchers came across poorly maintained pavements, damaged walkways, wet surfaces, torn carpets, waxed floor etc. Weather conditions like snow and rain are also attributed to many of the slip and fall cases in Long Island.

slip and fall information in Long Island

Lack of slip and fall information in Long Island is one of the main causes of ignorance among the victims. Many of them don’t even realize they can file a lawsuit against the premises owner and get appropriate damages claims.

Role of Long Island Personal Injury Lawyers

The personal injury lawyers have been playing an in important role in bringing awareness to the residents of Long Island about the premises liability act. This law considers many aspects of the causes and failure of premises owners to apply safety measures.

  • Likelihood of injury is a clause applicable to the potentially dangerous places like broken tiles, uneven surface etc. Here the premises owner can be held liable for failing to apply safety measures even though he clearly knew the possible consequences.
  • The case of slip and fall in the washroom of a residential building can be due to the negligence of the owner’s in failing to install safety railing. Many of the residents slip and fall on the stairway leading from their doorstep to the main entrance of the apartment. This could be due to the uneven surface which gets hidden due to the floor covering.
  • Uneven elevation in the steps of stairs can also be considered as a point of liability for the building owner. Failure to install handrails is one of the main reasons for elders to suffer from slip and fall injuries which can turn out to be fatal.

There are many such clauses in the premises liability act about which the victims are unaware. If you happen to be a victim of any such slip and fall incident in your apartment, municipal premises, shopping malls, supermarkets and other public places in Long Island, you can take the help of personal injury lawyers here.

Time of Reporting Personal Injuries

You have to take immediate action after the incident. The best option is to contact the personal injury lawyer and provide complete details. Getting emergency medical aid is a critical step you should always remember.

slip and fall information in Long Island

  • In time reporting can help the lawyer to identify the probability of premises liability on the owner. Then he can file a complaint against the owner and gather important evidence through investigations.
  • Your lawyer considers all the probability of defendant lawyer’s attempt to prove his client to be not guilty. So, he makes his investigation and evidence gathering completely foolproof.