IELTS Academic Writing

Everything about IELTS Academic Writing Test

IELTS Academic Module 

IELTS exam has worldwide famous these has two module General Training & Academic. General Training Module is designed for the people moving English speaking Countries as an immigrant. Whereas, Academic module is designed for those who are interested in pursuing their education in English Speaking Countries. The main difference between these two modules is that academic writing section has task 1- Report Writing & task2 – Essay writing. in General Training Module  Task 1- Letter writing and Task 2- Essay Writing. You can find IELTS Preparation in Karachi at Sir Shirazi`s Academy

Academic Writing

In the academic writing you will have 60 minutes in total for task 1 & task 2. In task 1 you have to write a report of 150 words at least in 20 minutes and in task 2, an essay of 250 words at least. Usually people consider this time length is too much for average candidate but it is appropriate because one has to do brain storming and also review and editthe writing test at the end or in the middle. That is why given time is perfect for all. An ideal range of words for task 1 is 170 to 180 words and for task 2, 270 words to 290 words

In task 1 there are five types of reports: pie chart, bar graph, Line Graph, Table and diagram chart for any process. You have to elaborate in your English on the basis of given values or figures which are mentioned in this – The content you write should be matched with the values, numbers or figures in the report.

In task 2 there are three types of essays: Argumentative Essays, Discussing an issue & Explaining Essays. Make sure about the pattern of above types of essays. If your length and pattern is up to the mark so your essay will be scored on the basis of following things:

Task Achievement: your content should be relevant to the topic

Grammatical range and accuracy: There should not be grammatical errors

Coherence & Cohesion: ideas, lines and paragraphs should be well linked and well established with proper linking words.

Lexical Resource: level of vocabularies should be appropriate and should not have repetition of words.

  • You should write at least 25 essays while you are preparing for the IELTS so that you can have better score in IELTS essay.
  • Usually people think that we have to complete task 1 in 20 minutes and task 2 in 40 minutes .but I suggest you to complete these 2 tasks in 60 minutes. Its up to you whether you write an essay in 30 minutes and report in 30 minutes or you write report in 10 minutes and essay in 50 minutes. But it is recommended to write an essay in 25 minutes and report in 20 minutes and remaining 15 minutes should be for brain storming and editing at the end when you finalize your writing tasks.
  • An ideal range of words for Task 1 is 150 words to 180 words and for Task 2 is 250 words to 280 this way you are more likely to achieve higher band score in writing sections. If you exceed the limit in writing task so you will not be able to get desired score whether the content is too good.
  • You can find lots of essay topics online and there are number of books available in market where you can find so many sample essays.Ofcourse, you read daily band 9 and band 8 writing tasks so it will reflect for sure when you write you own essays and reports.


This is a common perception that Academic writing is very difficult. in fact, it is not like that, if you are willing to practice on daily basis you will surely make a radical difference in your writing tasks. We at sir Shirazi`s Academy evaluate every task of candidate in detail with remarks and then let candidates know their weaknesses and tell them how to improve those areas to achieve higher scores in their writing Tasks. This is the responsibility of IELTS Trainer to give the actual band score according to IELTS bands Descriptor so that student can really improve score in the IELTS final exam.

A detailed view regarding life coach  

The definition on Clergy Coaching identifies a life coach as: A qualified professional that assists others to realize their own personal goals. It is a great start to understanding exactly what a good life coach is considered to be. At the center, becoming a good life coach focuses all-around aiding others get from where ever they are now to wherever they need to end up being. Sometimes a life coach will also help folks assess what their goals will be.

Clergy Coaching

It is crucial to understand the difference between a life coach and counselors, therapists as well as clergy. A lot of people mistake their services with mentoring, counseling, treatment as well as consulting. They are geared towards being able to help keep a customer on track in regards to what they are endeavoring to achieve.

What’s a Life Coach?

  • Usually the seasoned professional life coaches will show good listening skills. It is very important that they will be able to ask searching questions along with drawing out of a person what they expect in their lives of Clergy Coaching plus enable them to extend his or her intellectual horizons.
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  • Though these particular diplomas on Clergy Coaching can help they are definitely not demanded. In addition, there are various virtual learning websites, a few freely available and some paid, to help learn these skills.

Different types of Goals

Because of the fact that the job focuses on specific desired goals, you should have a good idea of the types of goal setting many people are aiming to achieve. A significant number of these goals and objectives of Clergy Coaching fit in the following groups:

  • Loving life – a lot of people would like to take things slower as well as learn how to experience a life
  • Discovering that someone special – a number of people just simply don’t know how to find the right one
  • Getting beyond anxiety – everybody knows a lot of anxieties are really not rational, but it is good to have someone to make it possible to get through it
  • Elevated confidence and assertiveness – gaining triumph over these can give a restored sense of personal value
  • Finding a job they like – many prospects would like a hand in looking for what they are great at and will also be content with at the same time
  • Large adjustments to a way of life – the unexpected happens to individuals that they’ll need help with to get through including the loss of a close relative

Clergy Coaching

Whatever a client is going to be seeking assistance with in their goal setting and achieving, it’s the coach’s function and responsibility to pay attention, understand and direct them to victory.